Let’s go Ha Noi and Da Nang with MOJA

2017年 06月 21日 Blog - Old article

April is travel season, let’s go with Moja!

And this time I will introduce to you Hanoi and Danang.


Hanoi is an ancient town of Vietnam. When you come to Hanoi, the first impression is many carts and restaurants, specialist shops along the street. But the feature of Vietnam is the motorbike and you should be careful when you across the street.

This is the picture of Hanoi’s ancient church.

This church had been built by French colony. From now on, it has still remained its beauty and has become the symbol Hanoi. If you have free time and want to do some body exercise, you will hear the bell ring every morning, seem like to announce the day have begun. It is said that the most beautiful architecture in Vietnam.

Talking about Sai Gon, immediately you will talk about Ben Thanh market. And Hanoi is Dong Xuan market, too. Dong Xuan market is the biggest market in Hanoi, products are varied and lots of too.

If you come to the North of Vietnam, honestly to say you should come to Halong Bay. Besides that, if you like the place where the temperatures are so cold, I recommend the place was called Sapa. Sapa is the place where ethnic minorities almost live in here. Coming to Sapa absolutely you will thumb up your finger right now.

Don’t forget the important thing that misses any chance to taste all the food in Hanoi because it’s really delicious.

Let move to another place definitely you will like most. This place is Da Nang.


The first place you should visit when you come to Da Nang is Bana Hill. Why did I recommend it for you? Because it had been built the base on Europe’ s building structure, and many attraction outdoor activities. Definitely, you will like this place.

Otherwise, when the night come out, you should come to the bridge with weird structure, it seems like a dragon, so its name is the Dragon Bridge also. It has decorated with hundred of lights, and be twinkle twinkle every night. And that is the reason why many couples choose that place to take some photos.

The next is My Khe beach. I think that is also a good place to spend your holiday.

It was said that the most beautiful beach in Vietnam was very famous for diving and surfing. Besides, you will have a chance to taste all fresh seafood in here too.

If you were adventurous men, don’t miss the chance to take a tour by motorbike. You will have a chance to catch a whole view of Da Nang when you ride on Hai Van pass.

It is so great, right? So why do not you make a wonderful summer plan right now?