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Promotion announcements and progress reports

2017年 10月 02日 Blog - Old article

Thank you very much for always paying attention to MOJA,




Departure as MOJA has gone through 2 years.
Thanks to getting more work from customers, until now everything is going smoothly.

This is due to the effort of staff and everyone.

We unified right from the start in order to satisfy the needs of customers in the best way, from small requirements such as printing business cards to large requirements.
Currently, the percentage of customers returning is increasing significantly, which has become the trust, credibility.

Of course not everything is done perfectly in the project. Sometimes there are delays, errors in some of the errors in printing and stagnation, in addition there are shortcomings from the confirmation report.

We are constantly reviewing ourselves.
But, we think that in order to receive the trust from customers or not, those things must be seriously expressed.

However, this is not what we wish to happen 2nd and not approach this kind of as the target.


This is an important announcement.

This year there are only 3 months left, with all our gratitude, every month, we think we would like to offer our customers gratitude, We will provide free support to people or companies that we has supported design and web.

Of course, even individuals are.
Make a simple picture! Perform some information leaflets! …

Conditions apply is click “Like” on the official Instagram and Facebook page of MOJA,
Then, please describe your account by …, please direct mail request to Facebook.

We will choose according to our company standard at the end of the month and will contact you directly.
We will choose according to our judgment, so if you do not choose, you can request to remove the track.


From now on the economic credit, keep credibility.
MOJA will continue efforts to continue to win the trust and confidence of the company in Vietnam.

Finally, it will be the third year of MOJA next year.
We will work hard for the next 3 months.

And we think it will be possible to make a big announcement next year
Please wait MOJA from now.

Finally, thank you and look forward to receiving help from everyone.