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2022年 11月 03日 Uncategorized


Coffee shop flyer.

– Design to fulfill the purpose of advertising for the cafe, business of coffee, beverage and cake products.
– Easy-to-understand messages, clear information division.
– The design is suitable for the craft coffee shop, with various preparation methods.
– Layout, color, and design style are clearly unified, making the design simple and easy to understand..

Product brochures 
– Good design ideas
– Easy to identify
– The main content that suits the actual needs is scanning QR codes.
– Clean, simple design that is easy to print and represent in reality and other platforms.
– Can be scaled to other social media products easily.
– There are many small points of interest to help viewers discover more about the brand.

– Easy-to-see layout design.
– Divide the final information content.

– Color create the content of the same Blouse stands out.
– Design style has the most systematic constraints.