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Happy New Year 2018, MOJA’s Activities 2017

2018年 01月 12日 Blog - Old article



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I’m YU MOTOO and a CEO at MOJA company.


Happy New Year 2018!



This first blog on 2018,
I would like to inform you our New Year’s resolution.


-From last year-


To say simple, “It was a precious year”, we got new members more and that made us stronger company.

However, work achievement is almost same for last year.




-There are many unique staff in MOJA-


Spread out what can we do, increased more things to do.


2 years ago, it was a first year so that we couldn’t see what’s going on clearly. But last year, it’s starting to look like “MOJA” a bit now.





-3rd year, what is our next challenge-


Our office will move to new building this February.


At the new place, there is a shooting studio with meeting room.

Then, we put effort into making a video. Making movie is the latest trend, and it would be a good solution for introducing company and adverting company.

Our company’s concept is “Make a smile, be happy”.


We would like to make everyone smile.
From this idea, we just started to be a Youtuber.


We are not only to precede a new project “video production” but also to be a funny Youtuber.

We are responsible for what to perform with “a sense of fun”.



-Feedback from customer-

As for me, there are some projects that I haven’t involved and I don’t hear customers voice directly sometime.

But according to some voice, it’s like if you have heard something web / design In Ho Chi Minh, it might be MOJA.

I gradually realized that our standing position is known for people.


However, it seems to be there include issues about customers expectation.

We haven’t catch up the speed of customer’s request,

I found out lots of issues last year.

Thanks to customers and projects. MOJA can resolve issues in 2018. These are really going with urgency.


-Management Company-


I am afraid of telling you, but I am managing 3 companies now.

It is really hard because I am not very versatile person, but I change into roles or how to do it. For example, I switch mode activating, really consciously.

And also, I was thinking that move to a new place to change atmosphere.

Positive point is that I can manage all companies,

Negative point is that staffs and I get confused a little bit. It feels like we are not one organization or one society.

That is why we need to move to a new place.




-Excellent human resources and future achievement-


About our staffs,

I am lucky to have such great members more than last year, and it makes MOJA stronger.

Of course having a great member is important,
but not numbers.

I am looking for a member who has a “special skills, or strong point”

For example, someone has an excellent translating skill, or someone has a great video production skill… I hope I meet new member like this.

I don’t mean I want a unique person.
I would say what is important is giving a big impact to our company.


To step up for MOJA, I am going to raise the price from this year.

We want to show “what MOJA can make” and what a real quality is.






It’s been 3 years since we have started MOJA. Our dream hasn’t changed that “To be a No,1 Japanese creative agency in Ho Chi Minh”.


MOJA was supported by many people, many customers.
We will continue working with you.


No matter how it’s small project, MOJA will work carefully.

Thank you for supporting us, always.

We look forward to working with you soon.